Wedding Limousine Tips and Advice

Choose the perfect limousine for your wedding.
Many people use a limousine service for their wedding. A limousine service can take the load off of who is going to drive who where. Plans can change at the last minute and cause you to scramble to make up for it. But with a limousine service, the plans are not going to change. They will pick up anyone you want and take them anywhere they need to go. The biggest complaint about limousine services is the "no show", or "late show". Why do no shows happen? Over booking and referral services are the most common cause. Make sure your wedding limousine service owns its cars. It's alright to ask for registration and proof. You are much better off with a company whose specializes in weddings and has a large enough fleet to support it.

Ask people you know who were recently married or check forums.
They can recommend the limousine service they used if they were happy. They can also warn you about companies they rejected as well. Also, ask your photographer. Studios know who shows up on time and who does not. In the wedding industry vendors know each other. Another source is the yellow pages. Try to pick only the companies who specialize in weddings and have the experience to back it up.

Visit the limousine company and view their cars.
You must make sure the company owns their cars and keeps them in good condition. The last thing you want is a breakdown or no show on your wedding day. It's alright to ask to see the registration and other proof. Especially if you book specialty limousines.

You Must Have A Clear, Concise, Written Contract!
Make certain there is a written contract and that everything you expect of them is in writing. If they refuse or give you nothing but a bunch of verbal claims, get up and leave.

You want the contract to state the type of limousine, how many it seats, and what package you chose. The contract must also state how long you have the limousine for. This is very important. You don't want the driver holding out his hand for more money when you least expect it. The contract must also state what the overtime rate is for each vehicle. If they refuse to do this for you, get up and leave. Any reputable business would have this information on a standard contract without question. The contract should also list who your driver will be. If you interviewed any drivers that you liked, then have their names placed on the contract. The contract should show how much deposit you gave, and how much is owed.

One week before the wedding, call to confirm the date and time.
Fax a precise set of directions to the limousine service, on how to get to your house, reception, church, etc. Any maps or mapquest printouts you include will be helpful. It helps even more to type the instructions, so the driver can't show up late and say you gave sloppy instructions. Get the driver's cellular and pager numbers also. They usually call you from the limo when they are on the way to get you.

Keep a copy of the map and directions with you on the wedding day.
You may need to give them to the driver if the limo company sends a different driver at the last minute and you don't want to hear "so where are we going?" from the driver. Just give them the map!

Questions to ask the Limo Company:

How many limos are in their fleet? Some services only have a few cars, but book several weddings, and contract out cars from other agencies. Usually the owners will be more reliable as their reputation is at stake.

Ask them how much deposit they require.

Ask for a flyer that shows prices in writing. You don't want them making up inflated prices on the fly. You want a rate that is fair. Do they have a flyer with photos of their cars? If they don't have it written down on a flyer, chances are they are unscrupulous, you should scratch them off your list, and move on to the next limousine company.

Have them describe the worst wedding situations they have been in, and how they handled it.

How much is the overtime rate? Some weddings could run longer than expected, and you want to know how much the overtime rate is per vehicle that you use. You want no surprises. This is a huge source of problems for many newlyweds.

How many can fit in the car? Most limousines can fit up to ten average-sized adults comfortably. However, this may not apply to special occasions like weddings because of things like attire, size of party, etc. IE: Wedding Attire: If the bride´s party, for example, has voluminous dresses, then only six or seven may fit comfortably in the car. This is because the bridesmaid dresses make take up more room than normal attire.

Add to that things like gifts, change of clothes and extra pairs of shoes guests may want to bring along due to the occasion, and it cuts down on how many a car can hold significantly. Just keep this in mind when you are making your limousine reservation.

How far in advance should I rent my wedding limo? Believe it or not, most limo service providers suggest you book six to nine months in advance, especially if your wedding date is during prom season.

This is especially true if you´re looking to rent antique and/or specialty vehicles like stretch Hummers. Many limo providers don´t have as many specialty vehicles on hand, and they tend to book up fast. So, reserve your car as early as possible.

What color should I reserve? Of course, the most popular color is white and black. If you want a different color, eg, beige, you might be in for a protracted hunt.

Photographically speaking, black limousines tend to work better for weddings simply because they photograph against white/lighter colors (think bride and bridesmaids dresses). As a side note, black limousines tend to be more for very formal and/or evening events. But, the choice is entirely up to you.

Do you have hourly minimums? Most limousine service providers have hourly minimums. These can range from a low of three on up to 6 hours.

The reason is it´s not economically feasible to rent limos for less time than this. Even when you´re not in the car, you´re using it because it can´t be rented to someone else. Then factor travel, cleaning and the necessary forms to prep the vehicle and well... You get the point.

New York wedding Limousine companies make their money by the hour. Every hour that a vehicle can´t be rented costs the company money.

Do you have wedding package deals? Most limo providers offer wedding package deals. Included may be extras like chilled champagne, a chauffeur wearing a tuxedo and a just married sign, etc.

To get the best ones though, you must reserve early enough in advance, and pay a nonrefundable deposit.

Contact us today and allow us to help you plan your wedding limousine details. Let our experience work for you. Of course we welcome you to come see our cars anytime, or schedule an appointment to meet with our courteous staff. After all, the driver is part of the service.

We appreciate you choosing us on your special day! I have to admit, after all these years and countless weddings, I still get choked up. We will make sure to do all we can to ensure your day is one to remember. Congratulations!